Lower School

Art Curriculum by Grade Level

First & Second Grades

Concepts and Skills include:

  • Creating works of art inspired by spoken and written stories and poems
  • Recognizing that there are various solutions to a single art problem
  • Using clay to create 3-D, representational form
  • Understanding and working with prints
  • Recognizing and applying Elements of Design: lines, shapes, texture, space, color, value

Projects and Media include:

  • Drawing: portraits & facial expressions, still life and life drawing, and landscapes, gesture, and contour drawing
  • Painting: color wheel, color families, monochromatic mood paintings, mixing primary and secondary colors, introduction to tints and shade, self-expression, illustrating a musical story with scenery and characters
  • Collage/cutting: shape story collages, fabric matzah or haggadah covers, Purim puppets or masks
  • Sculpture: science integrated curriculum on animals and their habitats, frogs, insects or butterflies in clay, found object sculptures of animals, creating Elijah’s goblets or Miriam’s bowls for Passover
  • Architecture: Intro to architecture, meet an architect, read plans, build models
  • Printmaking: Hanukkah greeting cards, Sukkot blessings decorated with crayon leaf texture rubbings
  • Art history and appreciation: Art Adventure program from MIA
  • Art portfolios: review, reflect and share art work, give positive feedback to classmates

Third Grade

Concepts and Skills include:

  • Maintaining a sketchbook for both assignments and personal explorations in art
  • Recognizing and applying Principles of Design: contrast, rhythm, repetition, pattern, proportions, balance
  • Recognizing that artists apply innovative solutions to solve visual problems
  • Creating a 2-D artwork that demonstrates an understanding of depth (foreground, middle ground, background)
  • Creating a work of art based upon an interpretation of a sensory experience
  • Use of sketch books to develop observation and drawing skills
  • Create works of art inspired by spoken and written stories and poems

Projects and Media include:

  • Observation Unit: rubber duck drawing, Leonardo da Vinci study
  • Nature Studies: nature study drawings, clay, tree drawing, still life
  • Painting: weather painting, night drawing/painting project, painting on sculpture
  • Literature and Illustration Unit: illustration game, poem illustration, weather poem and illustration, haiku/sumi-e painting, Art Question of the Week, sketchbook written reflections
  • Graphic Design Unit: sketchbook cover, color theory/intermediate color wheel, Picasso animal
  • Drawing: contour drawing, life drawing, one point perspective, Shrek Faces, sketchbook assignments
  • Sculpture: Portrait mask project and or clay project, Picasso face wire sculpture
  • Geometry in Art: Organic and geometric shapes, symmetry/asymmetry/unity, movement, rhythm
  • Art history and appreciation: Art Adventure program from MIA

Fourth Grade

Concepts and Skills include:

  • Maintaining a sketchbook for both assignments and personal explorations in art
  • Creating a contour line drawing using a variety of drawing materials and tools
  • Developing building techniques to create 3-D artwork
  • Creating 3-D work from 3-D drawings
  • Utilizing a variety of brushstrokes when painting
  • Comparing and contrasting artwork of different times and places
  • Using historical and cultural themes as a basis for creating art
  • Using art vocabulary and terminology to describe artworks

Projects and Media include:

  • Design: sketchbook cover
  • Drawing: shoe contour drawing, upside down drawing, sketchbook assignments, gradation, defining shapes and shadows, charcoal still life, cartoon unit, body proportions (science integration)
  • Sculpture: Clay monsters and clay whistles
  • Literature and Illustration Unit: Fantasy/Science fiction: monster drawing, fairy drawing, cartoon unit, origami
  • Art from the Earth: (social studies and science integration) making different paints from scratch, clay whistles (3-D)
  • Art History & Appreciation: Art Adventures from the MIA

Fifth Grade

The fifth-grade art curriculum continues the use of sketchbooks for observation of the world outside of the classroom and to journal self-expression and reflection. Students share their sketches and written reflections with classmates weekly to gain experience in talking about their work and giving constructive feedback. In class, lessons are given to support the homework assignments. Fifth graders make a group public art mural, sculpture, or signage to contribute to the larger Heilicher school community. Art electives, including genres like photography, printmaking, and paper sculpture, allow for further exploration.

Instruction includes:

  • Design: sketchbook covers, team mural, sculptures for public spaces, focus on principles and elements of design, calligraphy
  • Drawing: sketchbook assignments, landscape, lines and shapes in nature, patterns in your world, fruit and vegetable still life, expressing music in abstract painting, life drawing, perspective
  • Painting: color star, mixing secondary and tertiary colors, tints and shades, monochromatic mood painting, acrylic on canvas: grid transfer of master art work from Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA).
  • Collage and Photography: photomontage, visiting photographer, self expression in mixed media collage
  • Sculpture: Papier maché fruit and vegetables for the Sukkah decorations, ceramics: clay portrait bust
  • Architecture / Interior Design: history of architecture, read plans, build model
  • Aesthetics: What is art?
  • Art History & Appreciation: Art Adventure program from the MIA, visit Sabes JCC art gallery, meet the artist, review the exhibit in writing
  • Art portfolios: review, reflect, and share art work