Lower School

Physical Education Curriculum by Grade Level

First Grade

After mastering locomotor movements in kindergarten, students begin fitness testing that assesses physical endurance, abdominal strength, hamstring flexibility, speed, and agility. Students begin learning games with more complex rules and strategies. The concept of good sportsmanship is reinforced and practiced. Through recreational games, students will demonstrate:

  • Developmentally appropriate motor skills — running, jumping, hopping, skipping, galloping
  • Eye-tracking, balance, and flexibility skills

Second Grade

Students in second grade become more aware of wellness and fitness levels. They begin to take ownership of their activity and set goals. Students examine what can be done to improve throwing or kicking further and what techniques or skills will accomplish this. This includes how to throw a ball without getting hurt, how to improve flexibility, and why it is important. Second grade skills are further developed through:

  • Core body strengthening
  • Physical education safety

Third Grade

Third grade students continue to learn more complex games and activities that teach game strategies and give certain players defined roles and positions. Third graders engage in:

  • Fitness testing goal setting
  • Managing body movement appropriately in time and space

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders run a half mile instead of a quarter mile for the endurance part of the fitness test. They continue to learn and participate in more complex games where strategies and effective team work continue to be developed. Areas of focus include:

  • Strategies to improve effective team work when working with someone with whom the student has previously had difficulty
  • Execution of specific techniques safely avoiding injury

Fifth Grade

Physical Education curriculum for grade five includes:

  • Individual challenges such as fitness testing
  • Team challenges, sport skills and recreational games such as flag football, soccer; dodge ball, basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, softball/baseball, and ultimate frisbee
  • After-school, co-ed teams and play against schools such as FAIR Crystal, FAIR Downtown, NOVA Academy, Friends School and the Waldorf Schools of MN.