Lower School

Technology Curriculum by Grade Level

First Grade

First graders build on previously-learned skills and integrate technology with many areas of study. Students in first grade will:

  • Use Spelling City, Raz Kids, and other internet based programs
  • Create drawings to tell stories and type information with illustration programs like KidPix

Second Grade

Second graders further expand their use of programs for a variety of projects. They are introduced to Google Earth and other Internet tools. Among the skills learned are:

  • Composing on Google Drive and sharing documents with teachers
  • Using Google Earth to locate points on the earth and discover surroundings via aerial maps
  • Using XtraMath and other Internet skills practice and tools to develop math skills

Third Grade

Third graders begin to research and format pages. Other skills include:

  • Beginning keyboarding with proper posture and finger placement
  • Internet and multimedia literacy through research of various topics
  • Coding with Scratch to create a mapping game

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders take their prior knowledge to build upon and complete independent work on classroom projects. Students continue to develop their keyboarding skills increasing their speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Students will learn and experience:

  • Proper email use, safety, and organization
  • Internet researching and exploring reliable websites
  • Application of skills by creating multi-media presentations using programs like Glogster

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade technology takes the knowledge students have been accumulating and fully integrates it with various projects throughout the year. Students develop more in-depth skills and combine knowledge of programs to create projects in a variety of formats. Fifth graders focus deeply on using various presentation tools and learn to work independently and troubleshoot with greater effectiveness.

Units of study include:

  • Evaluation of website content
  • Creating paper fliers and multimedia presentations
  • Computer troubleshooting
  • Internet research
  • Writing and formatting outlines, papers, and speeches
  • Creating charts and graphs
  • Introduction to iPad carts for educational endeavors