Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Heilicher offers a middle school experience that fosters life-long learning through rigorous academics and student-centered learning. Heilicher's middle school provides students with opportunities for independence while receiving the individualized support needed to maximize emotional, social, and academic learning.

Our curriculum, based on national best practices in STEAM/inquiry-based methodology, imparts knowledge, elicits curiosity, and hones student skills.

Recognizing the benefit of collaboration in the working world, our teachers incorporate team projects, group discussions, and interactions with others inside and outside the school walls. Using experiential teaching styles, students engage with ideas and concepts from multiple viewpoints; they are:

  • asked to learn and think deeply about other cultures, other countries, and, ultimately, other people’s experiences,
  • carried from the concrete into the abstract by exploring ethical dilemmas and current social issues,
  • allowed to wonder and explore the world of debate and social action, and
  • filled with pride as they experience together classmates’ B’nai Mitzvah.

Our thoughtful curriculum, experienced and caring teachers, and challenging and encouraging environment prepares students for the next stage of their educational journeys as Jewish leaders and the life-long learners they are meant to be.

Todah Rabah for the wonderful capstone project experience you provided to the eighth graders. Their impressive passion and ability to grasp complex issues came through loud and clear as they eloquently communicated to parents and a broader communal audience.”

– Eighth Grade Parent

Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner, Harvard Graduate School of Education Professor, identified eight different intelligences that each student has the capacity to possess. The understanding that our students have differing strengths and weaknesses, allows the faculty at Heilicher to develop these different intelligences in a variety of settings and nurture passions that will result in great accomplishments.

Community Connections

Middle Schoolers connect to the broader community through their social action work; participation in We Day, visit to Children's Hospital, STEP food shelf, active participation in school-wide social justice projects, and connections to other schools through participation on sports teams.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Our Middle School students are active in our athletic program, including basketball, soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and more.