Middle School

Arts Curriculum by Grade Level

Sixth Grade

Sixth graders continue to use their sketchbooks to explore the world around them. They continue to share their homework in class and give classmates constructive feedback. They also continue the Walker Art Center partnership. In second semester of sixth grade the main focus in art class is creating a personal tallit (prayer shawl). This project is integrated with Judaic Studies, Hebrew, and art.

Tallit instruction includes:

  • Brainstorming personal symbols to express what is personally important
  • Studying Bar/Bat-Mitzvah portions in Judaic Studies and then illustrating important images in art class
  • Learning to transfer small to large-scale drawing
  • Learning a new batik process using wax and dye
  • Sharing and wearing tallitot with the school community at the end of the year.

Seventh & Eighth Grades

Seventh- and eighth-grade art offers students a variety of experiences that broaden their understanding of what art is and how art and artists contribute to our lives every day. Students explore their identity, thoughts, and feelings through art. The student experience is enhanced by the use of more mature art materials, and in some classes, computer programs used by professional artists and designers.

Seventh and eighth graders are offered an array of art classes throughout the year which may include:

  • Clay sculpture
  • Graphic Design – Adobe Illustrator
  • Photography – Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Judaic Paper Cuts
  • Drawing & Painting classes that may include: “Me, Myself & I”, “Expressive Drawing & Painting”
  • Mural Design
  • HMJDS Literary Arts Magazine (digital layout)
  • iMovie – film creation and editing
  • Set design
  • Open Studio – mixed media 2-D

  • SketchUp: 3-D modeling software (Computer Aided Design: architecture and landscaping)
  • Art and Science Integration
  • Earth Art: mixed media and clay

Heilicher middle school students explore the Minneapolis Institute of Art with Heilicher friend Harold Smith.