Middle School

Physical Education Curriculum by Grade Level

Sixth Grade

Physical Education curriculum for sixth grade includes:

  • Individual challenges such as fitness testing
  • Team challenges, sport skills and recreational games such as flag football, soccer; dodge ball, basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, softball/baseball, and ultimate frisbee
  • After-school, co-ed teams and play against schools such as FAIR Crystal, FAIR Downtown, NOVA Academy, Friends School and the Waldorf Schools of MN.

Seventh & Eighth Grades

Athletics options in seventh and eighth grade include:

  • Options for individual fitness or team sports.
  • Wellness Wednesday choices such as hip-hop dance, yoga, and Gaga.

After-school Activities

After-school clubs and teams provide student-athletes life-long lessons for personal growth in such as sportsmanship, teamwork, perseverance, commitment, pride, and responsibility. In seventh and eighth grades, students play on separate boys and girls teams against school such as: Breck, Blake, International School, Benilde St. Margaret, and Our Lady of Grace.