Middle School

Technology Curriculum by Grade Level

Sixth Grade

In grade six we launch our 1:1 iPad program. Each student is given an iPad to use at home and at school. The goal is for students to become comfortable with the technology and the apps to organize their schedules, conduct research, and produce original content. Most work in all subjects is completed using the iPads and is turned in electronically. Sixth grade technology work includes but is not limited to the following:

  • iPad tools for organization
  • Evaluation of website content
  • Multimedia presentations using a variety of iOS apps
  • Cloud computing, storage, and collaboration tools
  • Creating spreadsheets and graphs
  • Note taking and annotation
  • Computer/iPad troubleshooting

Seventh & Eighth Grades

Seventh and eighth grade technology requires students to expand and synthesize their prior knowledge through a variety of projects. Seventh and eighth graders integrate technology both with their 1:1 iPads and computers as needed into public presentations, the arts, and all their General Studies, Judaic Studies, and Hebrew classes. Technology skills include but are not limited to:

  • Deeper evaluation of website content
  • Digital media and arts
  • Internet research on current topics as well as history
  • Creating spreadsheets and graphs
  • Computer and iPad troubleshooting
  • Writing and formatting papers
  • Creating multi-media presentations
  • Videos, slideshows, as well as other technology based presentation tools