Jewish Culture & Diversity

“All Jews are responsible for one another.” (Shavu’ot 39A)

The Jewish people are one people. We respect each other’s differences.


We respect all practices of Judaism and welcome diversity of belief and background. Our community is strengthened by its mission to bring together families and students with divergent beliefs where all voices are heard and shared equally. Increasing numbers of interfaith, unaffiliated, single-parent, and LGBT families further enrich our learning community.

Heilicher also has a strong commitment to socioeconomic diversity through financial assistance.

"Some people might be concerned that HMJDS is not diverse enough when, in fact, everyday our children are learning how to be appreciative and respectful of different learning styles, backgrounds, and religious observance."

- HMJDS Parent

Jewish Studies

As a kehillah/קהילה/community day school, Heilicher fosters a nurturing environment where students engage with and are exposed to a broad range of Jewish belief and practice. Our students lovingly explore, develop, and wrestle with a personal relationship with God and Israel. Students embrace their roles as members of the Jewish people and as global citizens. Through respectful dialogue, exchange, and a spectrum of shared inclusive experiences, students refine and better articulate their own opinions while they develop the critical skills of interacting and coexisting with people of different backgrounds, ideals, and customs.