Community Service

עַל שְׁלֹשָׁה דְבָרִים הָעוֹלָם עוֹמֵד: עַל הַתּוֹרָה, וְעַל הָעֲבוֹדָה, וְעַל גְּמִילוּת חֲסָדִים -משנה אבות א:ב

“The world stands on three things: the study of Torah, service to God and deeds of loving kindness.” (Mishnah Avot 1:2)

We value the study of Torah, prayer and acts of loving-kindness; helping and caring for each other so we become better individuals and a more respectful community.

Heilicher students practice deeds of loving kindness daily in interactions with one another and regularly as groups in curricular community service projects. Some of these are:

Community Service Projects
Each year, Heilicher students in all grades participate in a variety of community service projects to help repair the world. Examples of activities include packaging food for global communities in need, sending care packages to Israeli soldiers, and making cards for children in local hospitals. We welcome parents, grandparents, and other special friends to join in the fun.

MLK Day Program
Each year on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, when the nation is at holiday, Heilicher students are in school learning about the legacy of Dr. King and the ongoing quest for economic and racial justice. All-school assemblies, distinguished guest speakers, and in-class projects focus on concepts of equality and responsibility to make our society a better place for all to live.

Kindergarten Visits Sholom Home
Kindergarteners share songs, art, and stories with elders at the Sholom Home in this very special community service field trip. This intergenerational interaction is a highlight for young and old alike.

Caring Community (helping others)
We like to say the HMJDS is like a big family. This is never more true than when one of our students or families is in need. We have seen spontaneous acts of lovingkindness many times over when a family experiences illness, death of a loved one, or other hardship. It is incredible to see our families quietly spring into action to organize meals, playdates, or provide other types of support. Likewise, the whole Heilicher community celebrates in the joys of a new birth, b'nei mitzvah, wedding, or other simcha (celebration).

Volunteer Opportunities

Our grade has a great sense of community. If someone is sick or a relative passes away, we show love and concern. The value of caring for each other makes our community strong

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