Grandparents/Special Elders

Yom Dor L'Dor (Grandparents and Special Persons Day) Photo Montage

Heilicher encourages students' grandparents and special, grandparent-generation friends to become involved in their education and the rich family life of our school.

Yom Dor L’Dor Event
(Grandparents and Special Persons Day)

This event is just for students and their grandparents or grandparent-generation guests. Two events provide a chance to visit the classroom, share wisdom, and contribute life experiences to the next generation’s learning process. Our next event will be held on Friday, April 19, 2024, from 1:45 to 3:15 p.m. 

Throughout the year, grandparents also have the opportunity to:

  • View photos online of grandchildren at Heilicher.
  • Attend all-school assemblies and other special events (this year, all events are virtual). View the School Calendar
  • Participate in Heilicher committees, as interest and time permits.
  • Receive The Heilicher Magazine, our semi-annual print newsletter.
  • Donate philanthropically to Heilicher.

We welcome your involvement in the life of Heilicher!

For information on ways to get involved, contact the Heilicher main office at 952.381.3500.

Roots & Wings E-newsletter
A Heilicher Update for Grandparents

Roots and Wings is an email newsletter created just for Heilicher grandparents to provide a window into your grandchild(ren)'s school life, and inspire you to get even more involved in the Heilicher school community. If you do not already receive Roots and Wings, please click on the Quick Links (above and to the right) to be added to our email list.

Read the latest Roots & Wings

Heilicher in a Word

In March 2022, Heilicher hosted a parent town hall where we premiered a short video featuring students describing Heilicher, themselves, and more — in just a word. The video is a great snapshot of the Heilicher experience.

Watch Heilicher in a word

Heilicher Special Elder Mr. Harold Smith (z"l)

Heilicher special elder and friend of the school, Mr. Harold Smith (z"l) shared his collection of Judaica with Heilicher middle school students at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.


Dor L'Dor Circle

The Dor l'Dor Circle recognizes all grandparents & alumni grandparents who have made a financial donation to support Heilicher. Annual Fund contributions, Annual Benefit donations, directed gifts, and tribute gifts all help to ensure that Heilicher can continue academic excellence and Jewish learning. We are proud of the robust philanthropic support from our grandparent body. The following Dor L’Dor Circle list includes all grandparents and alumni grandparents who gave to Heilicher during the 2022-23 school year. 

Margo and Cantor Barry 
Reeva Abrams
Sally Leafman Appelbaum
Susan and Solomon   
Barbara Bach
Shirley and Zollie (z"l)
  Baratz, Nancy and 
  Steven Schachtman
Beverly and Richard Behr
Margo Berdass
Pearl Berdass
Merrill Biel
Connie and Lendley Black
Shellie Blumenfield
Inna and Michael Brezman
Jacalyn and Bill Broze
Cobby Shereff and 
  Charles Blumenfield
Marlene and Jim Bukstein
Susie Chalom
Elayne and Larry Chiat
Nancy and Bobby Cohen
Marilyn Condon
Nadine Antin-Colla and 
  Coleman Colla
Ann and Neil Covin
Susan and Alan Divine
Lois and Dale Dobrin
The Elmar Family
Kathy Feiger
Sig Feiger
Barbara and Rabbi Steven 
Beverly Fink
Caren Page and Bruce 
Marjorie and Mitch Fink
Noreen Fisher
Mike and Linda Fiterman
Wendy and Mel 
Ellen and Patrick 
Maida and James Fruen
Lili and Barry Garfinkel
Susan and Michael Garner
Nancy Garrett
Charlotte Gelfand
Carol and Jeff Gepner
Debbie and Mark Glotter
Lynn Golberstein
Marlene and Sandy 
Shelly and Ira Golden
Audrey Goldfarb
Cindi and Harold Goldfine
Janet and Stuart Goldman
Ed Goldsmith
Renanah Halpern and Joel 
Shelley Kornblum and 
  Judge Mickey Greenberg
Bonnie and Steve Growe
Sandra and Jack 
Marina and Mark 
Sandy and Tristan Hage
Sherry Harris
Arlene and Sidney Harris
Julie Haskovitz
Shirley Haskovitz
Phyllis Heilicher (z”l)
Roberta Hoffman
Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin and 
  Mike Hofkin
Sharon and William Hope
The Horovitz Family
Beatrice Johnson
Pat and Bill Joslin
Myra Juster (z”l)
Shirley and Arnold Kaplan
Norma and Steve Kaplan
Marilyn Karasov
Hanna Bloomfield and 
  Robert Karasov
Janice and Mark Karon
Karen and Ken Katz
Pam and Ron Kaufman
Laurie Kaye
Sherry Knazan and Ron 
Anne and Randy Klein

Betty Kohn
Patti and David Kopstein
Yuli Kornblum
Joyce and Myles Koshiol
Barbara and Gary Krupp
Faye and Mayer Krupp
Charlotte Labofsky
Bette and Gerrit Lamain
Cheryl and Stan Lane
The Lerner Family
Andrea and Stan Levich
Charles Levine
Tarri Levine
Joyce Levitan
Sheila and Steve 
Michal and Cantor Leon 
Anne Littman
Joan and Larry Littman
Julie and Scott London
Dedee and Stephen Lovell
Diane and Jeffrey Lovich
Barbara and Sherwood 
Kathleen Marron
Esta Miller
Sam Miller
Rabbi Yocheved Mintz
Ilene and Zoran Mojsilov
Heidi Winer and Mort 
Jan and Rod O'Marron
Sheryl and Rabbi Kerry 
Howard Palay
Leonard and Betty Parker
Charlene and Michael 
Janet and Ron Plotsker
Keren and Simcha 
Marilyn and Frank 
Diane and Jon Rappaport
Susan and Marshall 
Carol and Jeff Reed
Louise and Jerry Ribnick
Laurel and Claude Riedel
Vicki and Stuart Rosen
Sandra Rosenblatt
Barbara Friedman and Lon 
Terry and Sam Roth
Joy Sandler
Gail Bender Satz and 
  Mark Satz
David Schlay
Deborah and Rabbi Jeffrey 
Nancy and Mike 
Nancy and Robert 
Faith and Carl Schway
Barry Segal
William Skelton
Drs. Kay and Arthur Smith
Judy and Lee Snitzer
Judith Sofferin
Holly Spurgeon
Marilyn Stone
Harriet Swatez
Dianne Neumark-Sztainer 
  and Hector Sztainer
Marcia Taple
Kate and Tony Tarvestad
Sue and Jim Walder
Judi Belzer and Jerry 
Sharon and Joel Waller
Lynne Werde
Neil Werde
H.A. and D. B. Wittcoff
Jill and Steve Wolpert
Carol Woodward
Anna Lamin and Sabina 
Adina and Wayne 
Lynn and Arthur Zeidman
Gayle and Burt Zis
Sara and Boris Zuk
Sharon Zweigbaum

"Heilicher is the perfect blend of a nurturing, flexible educational setting which values individual learning needs, high academic standards and wide exposure to Jewish culture and wisdom for our grandchild. For these reasons and more it is important to us to give to Heilicher to ensure our grandchild's day school education is strong today and in the future."

-HMJDS Grandparents Claude and Laurel Riedel

We feel like our HMJDS Annual Fund gift is one of the best charitable investments we can make. It is further reinforced every day that our daughters come home from school happy and having learned something new to prepare them for the rest of their lives!

Heilicher Donors