Volunteering Builds Community

The mission of the Heilicher Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is to maintain a close working relationship between parents, teachers, staff, and students. All parents, teachers, and staff are automatically members of the PTO and there are no dues required. Our active PTO provides parents with opportunities to build community and to support teachers and students in a coordinated way, when and where they need it most. We welcome parents (and grandparents) to attend PTO events, get involved through volunteering, and share new ideas.

The PTO embraces Heilicher's mission by supporting the work of the staff to educate and inspire our students to reach their highest potential. Through PTO, parents and teachers demonstrate several of the Heilicher core values including, “All Jews are responsible for one another,” “A mitzvah leads to another mitzvah,” and “The world stands on three things: the study of Torah, service to God, and deeds of loving kindness.”

The following are just some of the activities the PTO supports:

During the School Day

  • Room Parents
  • Art Room Helpers
  • Library Helpers
  • Art Adventure (Year-long exploration with Minneapolis Institute of Art)
  • Tallit Project (Sixth-grade Jewish Prayer Shawl Interdisciplinary Project)
  • Field Trip Chaperones
  • Holiday Projects

Special Events and School Life

  • New Family Mentorship Program
  • Summer Kindergarten Park Playdates
  • Mentor/Mentee Summer Picnic
  • Back-to School Coffees
  • Information Evenings and Parlor Meetings
  • Faculty Meeting Refreshments
  • Educational Speakers
  • Parent Ambassadors
  • Chesed Committee (Kindness committee providing assistance to families in need)
  • Grade 7/8 School Play
  • Book Fair
  • Eighth-grade Plant Sales
  • Heilicher Annual Benefit Committees
  • Graduation
  • School’s Out Soiree (Adult Only Event)

We’d love to have you involved!
If you would like to join the PTO or if you have any questions about volunteering at Heilicher, please contact

PTO/Teacher Appreciation and Chesed Committee Donations
Donations to the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), Teacher Appreciation, and the Chesed Committee (which supports families at times of illness or loss, or following the birth or adoption of a child) help make our Heilicher community stronger. We suggest a contribution of $36/family.

Donate to Teacher AppreciatioN and chesed