Dining Room

August 2020
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 Lunch Menus by Month

Choose either:

All-inclusive daily lunch option
$725/year Grades K-5
$825/year Grades 6-8

Billed to Heilicher account on file in monthly installments. Contact Finance Office to sign up.


Day-by-day lunch purchases through (MSA). See instructions for setting up your MSA account here.

Day-by-Day Lunch Price (All Dairy/Pareve)

Grades K-8: $5.75/all you can eat*
Adult: $5.75/all you can eat

*with guidance toward healthy choices by dining room staff.

Dietary Restrictions
For gluten free and other special dietary requests, please contact Liz Kaplan to make arrangements.

Note: Menu is subject to change

Questions or concerns, please contact:
Liz Kaplan