More on Fighting

Seek peace and pursue it. Psalm 34:15

It is inevitable that conflicts will arise between people in this community. Students whose conflict has become particularly heated should seek the help of a peer, a teacher, a counselor or another adult to resolve the dispute in a peaceful and constructive manner. Because the appearance of fighting is so harmful to our community values, play-fighting, including snowball or water fights, is forbidden.

More on Theft and Vandalism

Let another’s property be as precious to you as your own.   Avot 20:15

Respect for another’s property, whether an individual’s or an institution’s, is a basic principle of this community. Theft is the taking of or the use of property without specific permission. Vandalism is the defacing or damaging of another’s property. Included in vandalism is the deliberate misuse of the school’s computer network as stated in the Responsible Use Policy. Students who steal or vandalize are subject to disciplinary action that may include financial penalties, loss of privileges, suspension, dismissal from the School, and police referral. The severity of the consequence will be determined by the School administration and will depend upon multiple factors, including the specific circumstances of the action and the student’s record of prior behavior.

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