Library Use Agreement

The Stephen and Sheila Lieberman, Children and Grandchildren Library is a center of learning and discovery where students and faculty can find books for enjoyment and resources to further their knowledge on a broad range of topics. The library houses a unique collection of Jewish sources as well as a wide range of fiction and non-fiction materials.

Library rules are in place to ensure that the materials and space are respected and preserved for years to come. Please review the following with your child(ren) and indicate your acceptance of the terms of this policy on the Back-to-School form prior to the start of school. Once we have this form on file, your child(ren) will be able to check out books from the library.

Check Out Policy

  • Check out procedures will be taught during the first library visit of the school year and should be followed.
  • All books will be checked out with a library staff person or at the self-serve station. No unauthorized removal of books or media from the library.
  • The maximum number of books that may be checked out is as follows (books for school projects are not included in these amounts):
    • Grades K-1: 2 books
    • Grades 2-8: 3 books
  • Books may be checked out for up to two weeks at a time.
  • Students will not be allowed to check out more books until overdue books are returned.

Late/Damage Policy

  • If a book is returned damaged and can be repaired, a repair fee of $2.00 will be charged to the family’s school account on file. If repairs cannot be made, the full replacement cost of the book will be charged to the family’s school account on file.
  • Late notices will be sent home at the end of November and the beginning of March. Hard copies will be sent home with grades K-5. Emails will be sent to the student’s Heilicher account for grades 6-8. If book(s) are not returned within two weeks of this notice, the cost of the book(s) will be charged to the family’s school account on file.
  • At the end of the year on May 15, all library books are due back to the Heilicher library. Replacement cost for all books not returned by May 22 will be charged to the family’s Heilicher account. All books used for a school project that are not returned by June 3 will be charged to the family’s Heilicher account.

Library Behavior Agreement

  • The library is a quiet space for reading/working; voices should be kept to a whisper.
  • No food (including gum) or drink is allowed in the library.
  • Books should be treated carefully and with respect.
  • Please clean up library spaces before you leave.
  • Please return books to bin outside the library door or to the bin next to the library desk.
  • Additional expectations will be reviewed with students during class time.