An Interview with Heilicher Grandparent Volunteers Julie and Scott London

An Interview with Heilicher Grandparent Volunteers Julie and Scott London

Julie and Scott London with grandchildren (L-R) Levi, Judah, and Asher R.

Grandparents are among our best Heilicher volunteers! We chatted with grandparents Julie and Scott London, whose grandson, Asher R., is in third grade at Heilicher. Asher’s two brothers, Judah and Levi, will be joining our Heilicher community for kindergarten this fall.

What was your first touchpoint with Heilicher? 

Julie: My nephew and niece, Bryan and Charney Grone, attended MJDS back in the early 1980s. The school has grown so much since then! It really shows how the Jewish community has responded to and supported the school. Bryan is still very close to his day school friends. We are excited for our grandchildren to create similar memories and lifelong relationships.

What do you enjoy about volunteering during Wednesday’s All-School Lunch?

Scott: We love seeing all the Heilicher students in their “natural environment.” We get to watch Asher interacting with his friends and teachers. He loves running up to us, and we know he really appreciates us being there. It’s a great way to be part of the Heilicher community!

What other ways have you been involved with the school?

Julie: We attended Yom Dor l’Dor (Grandparents and Special Persons Day) in Fall 2022, and we recently came to a third-grade science presentation — students created projects to enrich the lives of the Malayan tapirs at the Minnesota Zoo. The kids are so prepared and poised, and they really seem to enjoy learning. Heilicher teachers are so organized, and each class really shines in their own way.

What else are you looking forward to in the future?

Julie and Scott: We are excited for the Heilicher experiences to happen all over again for the twins when they enter kindergarten this fall. They have different personalities, but we know they will get exactly what they need at the school. We are excited to volunteer as often as possible and to keep making memories with them!

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