Coding Sukkot

Coding Sukkot

Maggie Kaplan (Grade 1) shows her handmade lulav and etrog.

Science teacher/makerspace educator Ms. Vlodover and Hebrew and Jewish studies teachers Hamorah Hadassah and Geveret Taragan collaborated for a STEAM Jewish studies project with Heilicher's kindergarteners and first graders. The project combined coding and robotics with the holiday Sukkot.

Hamorah Hadassah's kindergarteners built their own Lego sukkot and then programmed robots to move their sukkot through the desert. Click the image below to see the students with their projects, and stick around to the end to see their robots carry their Lego sukkot!

two k students with their lego sukkah on a robot with wheels. click image for video

Geveret Taragan's first graders made models of a lulav and etrog and then programmed their robots to shake them! When each student starts their robot, a recording of them saying the blessing over the lulav plays and then the robot shakes the lulav. Click the image below to see an example by Millie L. and Sylvia R.

first graders with handmade lulav on robot. click image for video

For more behind the scenes, view a photo and video gallery of students as they build their Sukkot projects! The gallery includes more final project videos, too.

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