Cooking Together - Ideas for Fall

Cooking Together - Ideas for Fall

Spending time together in the kitchen can be a fun and rewarding activity for parents and their littles. An opportunity to work on fine motor skills, math, measurement and talk about good nutrition.

For a tasty treat this fall, check out Jamie Geller’s recipe from the Joy of Kosher, apple kugel recipe. 

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The principle of sh’mirat haguf (safeguarding the body) underscores the importance of holistic care for both the mind and the body. The progression of the role and responsibilities of school nurses, especially here at Heilicher, exemplifies our collective commitment to promoting comprehensive well-being. It aligns with the concept of sh’mirat haguf by ensuring our educational practices encompass the nurturing of both mental and physical health.

Transitioning from the past, when a visit to the school nurse often entailed receiving minor first aid or a call home, the scope of the school nurse’s role has significantly broadened.