Fall STEAM Fun

Fall STEAM Fun

Need to keep your kids busy and having fun this fall?  We have a few ideas for you to incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) to keep your kids creating and enjoying the best of fall.

orange and white round gourd sits in front of five butternut squashes

Weighing and Measuring Pumpkins and Gourds — Who doesn’t love an excuse to buy, or pick, a few fun gourds to decorate your home? Turn your pumpkins and gourds into a science experiment with any scale and a measuring tape or piece of yarn.

Weigh — Gather a small scale and weigh your pumpkin or gourd. Then take other household items and see if something is lighter or heavier than your pumpkin.

Measure — Mark a spot on your pumpkin and gather a measuring tape. Hold one end of the measuring tape at the mark and wrap it around the pumpkin. Find a few other household items and measure them to see if they are larger or smaller than your pumpkin.

Young girl dips apple halves in paint to use as stamps. Photo by Mandy Lackey on flickr.

Apple Stamp Painting — Have a leftover apple in your fridge? Why not use it, a piece of paper, and finger paints to create some apple art with your child. This is easy to do and empties your fridge.

Take an apple and cut it in half (vertical or horizontal). Squeeze a quarter size of tempera paint on a plate. Dip your apple half in the paint. Cover the face of the apple with paint and stamp on your paper. Make sure to wash your apple off when switching colors.

Leaf prints on paper from rubbing crayons on paper over leaves. Photo by Geoffrey Kehrig on flickr.

Leaf Rubbings — Take a walk outside and collect some of the falling leaves to use for a leaf rubbing. To create your leaf rubbing, place the leaf under your paper. Using the flat side of a crayon, rub the crayon over the leaf. This will transfer the shape and lines to the paper. After your child has completed their art, use the leaves and other collectables to create a decorative paper plate. This is a fun way to adorn your home this fall and recognize your child’s creativity.

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