Full STEAM Ahead: Math in Focus

By Maia Poling


As the school year kicks off, I wanted to take a moment to share some exciting updates to our math program. Last spring, we shared that the Kindergarten through fifth grade would be adopting a new math curriculum called Math In Focus.

In early June, all math teachers and resource specialists took part in an intensive training to guide successful implementation of this new math program. Teachers were able to dig deep into the pedagogical approach of Math in Focus and understand the history of the Singapore math model and its use in American schools. They worked together in their teaching teams and grade-level bands to understand the logistics of lesson planning, differentiating instruction for a variety of learners, and incorporating inquiry into their teaching.

Throughout the year, teachers will have a number of continued professional development opportunities. They will be guided by Math in Focus instructional coaches who will help deepen their knowledge of the curriculum and offer classroom support, model teaching and mini workshops to support teachers, for example; teaching practices and methods that allow for greater personalized instruction.

We look forward to an exciting year in K-5 math!

Please read this white paper to better understand Math in Focus at Heilicher.

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