Grandparents Connect with Granddaughters at Heilicher

Grandparents Connect with Granddaughters at Heilicher

Twice a week when Carol and David Rosenblatt pick up their grandchildren, Mia and Eliana Wolfe, from Heilicher they get to hear what is going on with them at school. After a while, Carol thought it might be time to get involved as a volunteer. 

"I have enjoyed volunteering in the girls' art classes," Carol says. "It is such a neat experience seeing the projects they work on, meeting their friends, and watching them interact with their classmates. It is such a treat because it gives you a different sense of your grandchild. You really get to see them in a new light." 

Carol has also volunteered as a chaperone with the Heilicher field trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. "It is one of my favorite memories of the girls' time at Heilicher," she says. 

Carol and David are Minnesota natives and raised their two children in Edina. Carol worked as a psychologist, and is now retired, and David works as a commercial insurance broker. They spend the warm weather months in Hopkins and the winters in La Jolla, California.

David reflects, "We have enjoyed watching our grandchildren grow up at Heilicher. We love seeing them participate in music and all the other activities Heilicher has to offer." 

The Rosenblatts also enjoy Yom Dor l'Dor, Grandparent's Day. "If we are able to go, we split up and each go with one of our grandchildren. We like that they offer it twice per year, so we can spend a day with each of them." 

As Carol appreciates the deep sense of community at Heilicher. "We love the class sizes and the coziness of the community. I really have noticed our grandkids being taught kindness. Not only are they learning math and science, but empathy is something that is really taught at Heilicher." 

Carol also notes that several of Mia and Eliana's friends are her friend's grandchildren. "It is so fun to see all the friendships they have developed through their time at Heilicher. We really enjoy the community."

Our volunteers help make Heilicher what it is. If you are interested in supporting the Heilicher community through volunteering in Art Class or another area, please contact the Heilicher office.

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