Head of School for the Day

Head of School for the Day

Each year at the Heilicher Annual Benefit, one of the auction items available is “Head of School for the Day.” This year featured seventh grader Emma S. Check out her reflections on what it was like.

A couple weeks ago I was Head of School for the day. It meant I got to spend the day with the real head of school, Yoni Binus. He showed me what he does on a daily basis. As Head of School I greeted families as they walked in, followed by reading to Mrs. Vlodaver’s and Mrs. Palmer’s classes. Both of the classes were very well behaved. We made sure to visit other classrooms and said hi to all the kids. It was fun to see students of all grades and we told everyone that I got to be Head of School for the day through the Annual Benefit online auction. 

The morning flew by and before I knew it lunch time had arrived. During lunch I gave a Fruit by the Foot to every kid that wanted one. Everyone was so happy about that, especially the younger kids (and me, I had three). After lunch, I went to a meeting about the food from the cafeteria. I told the chef all of the things my friends and I want from the lunchroom. I personally recommended to have hot dogs every week because I am obsessed with them. 

I also got the opportunity to interview Mr. Binus. Here is what he had to say: 

               Emma: What is your favorite part of the school day?

               Mr. Binus: Going into the kitchen to try the lunch and joking with the staff. 

               Emma: If you could have any superpower what would it be? 

               Mr. Binus: Invisibility. 

I wonder what he would do if he was invisible… 

Being the Head of School for the day was a great way to see what happens at Heilicher from a new angle. I would definitely recommend the experience to other kids. 

              - Emma S.


Ready to welcome students for the school day       Meeting with staff


       Hot cocoa at the end of the dayEmma passing out treats at lunch








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