Heilicher 5 Season 4 2022-23

Heilicher 5 Season 4 2022-23

Welcome to Heilicher 5, a Heilicher news show made by and for Heilicher students. Stacie A., Gabby A., Ezra A., Myra B., Nadav F., Elnatan J., Sky L., Hannah L., Aliza O., Abe P., Elior S.R., and Rina S. work on screen and behind the scenes to cover a variety of topics appealing to both middle and lower school students. Keep up with news and insights from Heilicher middle schoolers here.

Episode 1: Abe ranks soccer players, Hannah discusses the death of Queen Elizabeth II and interviews Head of School Dr. Dan Ahlstrom, and Sky presents a close look at cars.

Hannah interviews Dr. Dan

Episode 2: Ezra features grand slams, Stacie interviews fourth graders, Rina experiments with money, and Myra presents Outfit of the Week.

Rina sets paper money on fire

Episode 3: Can you guess the Hebrew hangman word before the players? Stacie interviews third graders, Ezra shares weird baseball stadiums, Myra talks to a roller coaster pro, and Rina shares gross ice cream flavors.

Episode 4: Sky gives viewers a tour of two cars, including a car from the movie Mad Max; Hannah announces the Jewish New Year, and Abe and Hannah interview Mike Schoenberger about his friend Harold Smith Z"L.

Episode 5: Yom Dor L'Dor Edition: Heilicher 5 interviews and plays games with grandparents and students, with some other special features.

Episode 6: Chanukah Edition: The Heilicher 5 crew interviews a dancer from the Alvin Ailey Company as well as Mrs. Provus about her trip to Israel. There are appearances by kindergarten and lots of others, and there's a lot of weird fun!

Episode 7: In this episode, you will hear about middle school versus high school, weird laws, the smallest countries, and how Dalle-E works!

Thank you for watching Heilicher 5!

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The principle of sh’mirat haguf (safeguarding the body) underscores the importance of holistic care for both the mind and the body. The progression of the role and responsibilities of school nurses, especially here at Heilicher, exemplifies our collective commitment to promoting comprehensive well-being. It aligns with the concept of sh’mirat haguf by ensuring our educational practices encompass the nurturing of both mental and physical health.

Transitioning from the past, when a visit to the school nurse often entailed receiving minor first aid or a call home, the scope of the school nurse’s role has significantly broadened.

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One of our greatest strengths has been our ability to create a safe and secure space for our students and faculty as tensions rise worldwide in response to the Israel-Hamas conflict. 

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