Heilicher 5 Season 2


Welcome to Heilicher 5, a Heilicher news show made by and for Heilicher students. Amichai D., Shimshy K., Avital K., Sky L., Hannah L., and Leah S. work on screen and behind the scenes to cover a variety of topics appealing to both middle and lower school students. Keep up with news and insights from Heilicher middle schoolers here.

Episode 1: breathing exercises, COP 26, mental health, and antisemitism

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Episode 2: continuation of health and antisemitism, global news

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Episode 3: cars, 3D printing, and sports

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Episode 4: imperfect is perfect, Jewish football players, 3D printing, Kellogg's workers' strike, and school musical announcement

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Episode 5: effectiveness of Facebook ban of Holocaust denier posts, Disney movies, and dealing with uncertainty

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Episode 6: Ami's list of the weirdest sports, Zohnerism, 3D printing P.2, and having a growth mindset

A special middle school addendum: Avital shares her thoughts about the Free Palestine movement, and Hannah takes a close look at the problem of comparing COVID-19 restrictions to the Holocaust.

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