Heilicher 6th Grade Wolf Ridge Trip Day 2

We've had two stunningly beautiful days here in Finland, MN, home of Wolf Ridge. We challenged ourselves on the ropes course and rock wall, and managed not to get too lost on the GPS scavenger hunt. We saw raptors, song birds, deer, and frogs; sang the HaTikvah on a mountain top; played Tips and Uno; and spoke in fake French accents. Life is good. We'll post a more photos of the final two days, so check the blog.

See you Thursday,

Heilicher Sixth Grade Team

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Chanukah is here!  The great miracle of the oil! The crushing victory of the Maccabees! The reality of the original Chanukah story played out much like the lead-up to our recent election, only then it was a fight for the soul of Judaism, or at least it felt that way. Some Jews living under Greek rule (165 BCE) loved the Greek traditions and wanted to embrace them. Some felt that if Jews embraced any of them, it would lead to the end of Judaism.The stakes felt that high, and eventually it was the Jews who engaged in their own civil war over the future of Judaism;  Did Jews have to refrain from all Greek customs?