Heilicher 6th Grade Wolf Ridge Trip Day 2

We've had two stunningly beautiful days here in Finland, MN, home of Wolf Ridge. We challenged ourselves on the ropes course and rock wall, and managed not to get too lost on the GPS scavenger hunt. We saw raptors, song birds, deer, and frogs; sang the HaTikvah on a mountain top; played Tips and Uno; and spoke in fake French accents. Life is good. We'll post a more photos of the final two days, so check the blog.

See you Thursday,

Heilicher Sixth Grade Team

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Isn’t it ironic that we celebrate our hurried exodus from Egypt, one in which we did not even have time to let bread dough rise, with a meal that is so full of preparation and organization it is literally called “order”? The seder plate is even laid out from chazeret (lettuce) to charoset (fruit and nut mixture), helping to ensure the order of the meal is followed and no mitzvah is passed over. We scour the house in advance of the holiday, searching for chametz (forbidden foods), and we arrange to sell the rest, as a way to ensure there is none remaining in our possession at sundown on the first night of Pesach. It is remarkable that we remain so devoted to the detailed preparation of a holiday designed to mark when we went from bondage to freedom without time for even the simplest food preparation.