HMJDS 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip - Day 2

HMJDS 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip - Day 2

This morning, we staggered into breakfast tired, but excited for the day's activities. After a quick breakfast at the hotel, it was off to the Metro where we took the Blue Line to the Pentagon. Once there, we were ushered through the tight security, almost losing a student and teacher due to the careful checks!

Eigth Grade D.C. Trip
HMJDS heads to the Pentagon

Finally inside the Pentagon, we split up into two groups for tours. We were shown almost every floor in the Pentagon including the indoor mall, offices, and the crash site of Flight 77 on 9/11. All of us were especially creative in guessing what might be in the secret underground floors. When the tour was finished, we took a quick stop at the Pentagon's 9/11 Memorial and saw the wave shaped benches, each honoring those lost the attack.

Observation deck at Newseum
Eighth graders enjoy the beautiful weather on the observation deck at Newseum TV

After lunch at the Lone Sailor Statue, we headed over to the Newseum to watch a 4D movie and look at the exhibits. Every exhibit was extremely interesting, and we all were left with a different view on the history of the news. One of the coolest activities in the Newseum was the terrace on the sixth floor overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue.

Eigth Grade Students at Newseum TV

Following the Newseum, we hopped onto yet another train bound for the University of Maryland. We had a quick dinner at UMD's Hillel and saw a bit of Jewish college life. We also experienced the life of a college student with bowling and billiards at the Student Union. We were all pretty tired, so after an hour and a half we headed home. The Metro on the way back to the hotel was a little crazy, but Hector and Rafi would be proud of the impromptu pull up contest! This was a pretty eventful day and the eighth grade is very excited for what's to come.

Pull-up Contest on the Metro
Showing their strength in a pull-up contest after a long day!

Signing off for Day 2,

Avital and Yoni

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