HMJDS 8th Grade Washington D.C Trip - Day 3

We started our day with a quick breakfast to fuel up for our busy day. Soon after, two guest speakers from the National Coalition of the Homeless shared their stories of being homeless earlier in their lives, and taught us what we could do to help.

Students gather for a photo outside of the Holocaust Museum

Following the presentation, we walked to the Metro station and headed off to the Holocaust Memorial Museum. This was a very moving experience for all of us. We left the museum feeling strongly emotional, and informed of the true magnitude of the crime that was committed against humanity. Walking through the museum, we saw a variety of exhibits, such as; the rise and fall of the Nazi party and Nazi Germany, to how people faced anti-semitism. as well as exhibits on the lives of those persecuted in the Holocaust. One especially powerful exhibit depicted the lives of those persecuted during the Holocaust. The exhibit followed the life of a boy, named Daniel, who survived through the Holocaust as a little boy, moving from a house, to the ghetto, and to concentration camp, losing his whole family through his journey. We left the museum with a new level of emotion and understanding of the Holocaust.

We ate our lunches outside, which were almost completely blown away by the wind. Afterwards, we walked for a while to the Renwick Art Gallery, where we saw nine exhibits of brilliant modern craftwork, such as a map of the Chesapeake Bay made of marbles, and a recreated tree out of thousands of wooden blocks. At this point, we had to say goodbye to Mrs. Budda, as she was going back to Minneapolis.

Afterwards, we passed by the White House, and witnessed a peaceful demonstration protesting America's relations with Ethiopia. Together, we headed to two different parks to talk to people who were homeless, and to offer them supplies that we had gathered before the trip. We used what we had learned earlier that day to treat everyone we met with the respect they deserved.

From there we walked to Eli's Char Bar, a delicious Kosher restaurant in Washington DC. We all ate burgers, chicken wings, portobello mushroom sandwiches, and other vegetarian foods (they ran out of veggie burgers).

Once we finished our satisfying meal, we took the Metro back to the hotel to prepare for our movie night. We had two options, Zootopia, and Barbershop: The Second Cut. After our movies, we came back to the hotel, which concluded another eventful day in Washington DC.

Signing off for Day 3,

Avital and Yoni


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