HMJDS 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip - Day 4

Today was our last full day in beautiful Washington DC. At breakfast, Senator Al Franken, who sat and spoke to us about issues concerning Minnesota, joined us. We also were able to take a picture with him in his HMJDS shirt; you could tell that he was so excited to wear it.

At Breakfast with Congressman Keith Ellison, who is sporting a brand new HMJDS T-Shirt!

Following the breakfast, we high-tailed it over to the United States House of Representatives to meet with Congressman Ellison. Mrs. Budda would've been proud because many of us asked Congressman Ellison about our capstone topics. He too enjoyed the HMJDS t-shirt. We also appreciated that he took the time to ask all of us our names.

Next it was time to tour the United States Capitol. We saw the statues that represented each state, the dome and its painting. We also were able to see House Speaker Paul Ryan's office, along with many more rooms, but most importantly, the Capitol's gift shop. Congressman Paulsen also had the chance to meet with us. He answered our questions and gave us delicious ice cream. We decided to do a mitzvah and share our leftover ice cream with the Capitol Police.

After leaving the Capitol, we split up into two groups; one headed to the Air and Space Museum and the other to check out the historic Union Station.

Our two groups merged back together again and we rushed to see the comedy Shear Madness. It was about a murder that took place in a barbershop and required audience participation to solve.

After the show, it was back to the hotel for pizza. We had a great and exhausting trip and it lived up to our expectations. We are all leaving DC with a great first impression and definitely had a blast.

Signing off from Day 4,

Avital and Yoni

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