Introducing Wendy and Mel Flamenbaum - Heilicher 2020 Annual Fund Grandparent Co-Chairs

Introducing Wendy and Mel Flamenbaum - Heilicher 2020 Annual Fund Grandparent Co-Chairs

This fall, we began our seventh year as Heilicher grandparents, as our grandchildren, Phoenix and Farrah, respectively entered grades 6 and 3. As grandparents, we have been so impressed with their experiences at the school. Our own children attended independent schools, and we know how validating and supportive the private school atmosphere can be. 
Although we do not live in Minneapolis, we are frequent visitors to Heilicher. We have had many opportunities to be at the school - attending Yom Dor l’Dor (Grandparents/Special Persons Day) and all-school assemblies, observing classes as special guests, or just dropping our grandchildren off in the morning and picking them up. We have observed that the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The children are happy and enthusiastic, and the teachers and staff are helpful and friendly. The first time we attended a Heilicher assembly, the energy and spirit reminded us of Camp Young Judaea Midwest, where our children and grandchildren have attended. We love the Jewish values that infuse every part of the program, as well as the opportunities for intergenerational experiences. 
Our grandchildren are confident, sensitive, well-rounded, and motivated to learn. They are happy to come to school every day! Through the lens of Heilicher's Judaic Studies program, they have also learned the importance of tikkun olam (acts of kindness), derech eretz (acting with respect), and becoming the future mensches (good people) of our world. Mel is a child of Holocaust survivors, and these values are so important to the continuity of the Jewish people. What a remarkable foundation to build on.                                              
We are honored to serve as this year’s grandparent co-chairs of the Heilicher Annual Fund. Tuition only covers 75% of what it actually costs to educate each student. We encourage every parent, grandparent, alumni parent and community member to consider a meaningful gift to the Annual Fund. All donations, of any size, will ensure Heilicher's ability to remain financially accessible and provide a superb education to the community’s children. 

We look forward to seeing you all at Yom Dor l’Dor (Grandparents and Special Persons Day) on November 26.

Shanah Tovah!

Wendy and Mel Flamenbaum

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