Kindergarten FAQs

Kindergarten FAQs

What will a typical day look like in kindergarten at Heilicher?
A strong emphasis is placed on both academic and social experiences as well as a fostering of Jewish values. All students will have math, language arts, social studies, science, Hebrew language, Jewish Studies, music, PE, and art throughout the week. Kindergarteners will also have morning meeting and free choice time in order to develop social skills. 

What makes Heilicher unique?
Kindergarteners have opportunities at Heilicher that they may not have other places, including a weekly chess class, access to a Makerspace (tinkering lab) which helps to cultivate innovation and provides opportunity for real life application of concepts being taught, and daily Hebrew instruction. Kindergarteners at Heilicher are also encouraged, and able, to participate in many extra-curricular activities from the start including tennis, soccer, chess club, art class led by KidCreate, and Lego Robotics. 

Why the Heilicher Community?
At Heilicher, community begins immediately. All kindergarteners at Heilicher are carefully paired with an eighth-grade buddy at the start of the year. This buddy acts as a mentor and friend to help create community and ease the transition into a new school. Heilicher is a school for your entire family. There is an active PTO, all-school holiday celebrations, and many ways to be engaged. Families at Heilicher are committed to raising their children together. 

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