Heilicher and the Sabes JCC hosted their first ever STEAM Camp available to campers entering grades K-6. (STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.) Taught by Heilicher teachers, the week featured a variety of STEAM-related activities designed for summer fun. Campers created their own snacks, designed a unique mini-golf course, swam in the pool, and had fun getting to know one another. They got a little messy, but that was part of the experience!

Heilicher second grade teacher Crystal Reese and STEAM Camp leader had this to say about what the kids learned throughout the week: “Since all the activities were hands-on and required the kids to build things, test them, modify them, and test them again and again, the biggest thing I think they learned from camp is how to persevere. I noticed this skill in action while the kids were building their golf courses. They would build something that looked AMAZING, but when they tested it, they realized it needed modifications to be workable.

“Students worked together designing their holes using cardboard, tape, carpet squares, wood, and other craft supplies. One group built a sand castle, another crafted a dog-shaped obstacle, and another used pool noodles under a carpet square to make bumps in the course...they all turned out great! I was surprised at how enthusiastic they were about tearing down what they had built and starting again with something new. I expected some kids would get upset by the fact it wouldn't work. The all kept their spirits up! The results were amazing. Their courses turned out great, and they had a blast playing mini-golf on them.”



In the "Float your Boat" Challenge, campers had to come up with a boat that held marbles that would float without sinking or tipping over. Some kids designed boats that looked like rafts, sail boats, or ships. One camper even made a boat with little seats in the middle for the marbles to sit. Heilicher sixth-grade student Micah S. said this was his favorite part of the camp. “The Float Your Boat challenge was by far my favorite activity of the week,” he says. “We were able to build things and then go outside and go in the pool!” 



Overall we had a great week and can’t wait to do it again next summer. See you at next year’s STEAM camp! To learn more about Heilicher, please contact Louise Schoenberger, Admissions and Marketing Director. 

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